Slides for my little Anosov talk

As promised~ have fun!

*Actually I’m a strong supporter of the idea that all talks should be done on blackboards…However, this time since the talk is only 25 minutes long and it takes me 5 minutes to draw a product Cantor set, I had to use slides…

Hence I made fake blackboard slides…

7 thoughts on “Slides for my little Anosov talk

  1. OK Nice argument. The use of bilipschitz and the isoperimetric inequality is very clear.
    Can we change Bowen example for fixing that?


  2. You actually posted this on the day my daughter was born! :D I love the slides. What did you use to make these slides with the blackboard theme? I would like to use these in the future if it is something that I can replicate. Thanks!


    • Hi Luis,

      Congratulations (about the daughter :-)!

      I just used standard keynote (the apple version of powerpoint). The blackboard theme is build-in. Although I did generate all the latex formulas separately. (namely, I used latex to generate them and save them in image format, then put in photoshop and ‘coated’ the chalk on them by hand)

      Have fun!


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