Last page of sketchbook…

Recently I got very excited about industrial design, partially due to McKinsey’s acquisition of this absolutely awesome design studio named LUNAR in 2015. Of course I would need to understand our design language better, as a first step, I found some time this weekend and did some quick studies of LUNAR’s work.

Then I realized, it’s the last page of my sketchbook… time to start a new one, to draw more and draw better…But I certainly feel this old friend deserved some sort of farewell, flipping the pages is like looking back into life; Marks, lines, forms contains subtle expressions of the mood when creating them.

So I decided to put the whole book here at once, in reverse order, although some drawings have appeared in earlier posts, some are bad/unfinished/empty, but this is the book as is, representing bits and pieces of life (mostly life spent in various coffee houses in Shanghai).

Last page, words on the right was an experiment I did trying to see if markers can be used for caligraphy…obviously a master copy =P

IMG_0237Got all excited about the Force Awakens a few weeks ago

Bought the LEGO Classic and Mindstorm EV3 (still in the planning stage of my Turing machine project with EV3) I guess one can see traces of my trying to pick up industrial sketching starting here


And I did a study of the types of basic bricks…

 One day I was waiting in Starbucks and saw a new set of coffee things

Some very small auto doodles…love where they are going! Feels like 60s again.

  In Italy obsessed with those red ink drawings from 1500s…and some museum sketching

 Some more museum sketchings…

  And some plaza sketchings

 That day I forgot to bring paper to life drawing session in Florence…

Between Disney and Art Nouveau (I learned they are opening a fancy Remy restaurant in the Disney Wonders cruise)

 On Beauty and Beast

 On Alice in Wonderland

IMG_0226  On Pirates of the Caribbean

And some more pirates from the original (and best) Disneyland when the ride opened in the 70s

IMG_0227An unfinished train

 Master copies: Left-Chris Sanders; Right-Picasso

 More Chris Sanders and ransoms in a certain cafe

Somehow got interested in steampunk for a bit…the character is a copy from the wonderful book ‘walking my octopus’

Read newest ivory poaching reports…

  Some Shanghaiese architectures

  More Shanghai, a little field trip to the acient city of Fenghuang

More from the road

 Temples and hip coffee shops

In the park…

 Some imaginary plants

 More hip coffee shopsTanks form life

Antique cars

Cubes walking over to the horizon (first test page to get used to the material)


Opening spread of the book: hats


Well…that’s the book…cover to cover. Hope you enjoyed it =P

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