About me

Hi, this is Conan, ex-mathematician, ex-theme park painter, ex-management consultant, ex-software engineer and generally someone who refuses to settle.

This blog and myself started off in mathematics. In fact, for six years (2007-2013) math was almost all I did. At the beginning of 2012, while working towards my PhD back at Princeton, a trip to Walt Disney World reminded me of what I really want in life and hence changed my trajectory forever. Since then, I do all sorts of things in random parts of the world =)

Up-to-date map of countries visited


If you have comments/questions/suggestions or just want to day hi, please feel free to e-mail me at conan777@gmail.com.(I check that continuously and will do my best to recall what I was thinking when I was writing the post)

A video that deeply inspired me: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch — A CS professor in Carnegie Mellon.

Finally, a not up-to-date keyword cloud of stuff on this blog~

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Conan,

    How do you make your beautiful diagrams? Are they purely “hand drawn”, or do you have systematic ways of making them look the way they do?



    • Hi~(Sorry I can’t guess what that ‘A’ stand for)

      Glad you like the images! Yes they are pretty much ‘hand drawn’ (in Adobe illustrator), I just follow my instincts and adjust them until they are aesthetically pleasing :-P


  2. I started to read your blog again, because you talk about painting instead of only maths (which i don’t quite understand) now. Get inspired by your new journey!


    • missed this message looong ago… Sorry about that. In case anyone is still curious, the theme is called ‘white as milk’ if I remember correctly


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